Saturday, March 5, 2011

Daft Training Movie Scores

We're in the homestretch here in the Chicagoland area! Just a few more weeks of indoor and outdoor training in inclimate weather before something HAS to break and we'll be able to trot or ride outdoors comfortably. My workout music has been become a bit stale in recent days, so I was looking to refresh it a bit with some new additions (similar post of reference). While thumbing through several blogs I follow, I had an interesting find that would required me to have check my 'cool cat card' (very tiny card) at the door in lieu of same thick framed glasses, a pocket protector...and perhaps a lightsaber. I was surprised to see that the French house-music duo, Daft Punk, had worked with Disney (surprise, surprise)  to compose the musical score for last summer's Tron: Legacy motion picture. It was old news. But, it was new to me and I just had to have a listen.

Now, I had no running knowledge of the original Tron flick, nor any knowledge or interest of it's follow up film. It was my fondness of Daft Punk during the beginning of my 'electronic' music interests with origin that traced way back to my high school days (dating myself, I did back then too) that drew me in for a closer look. After flipping through the tracks, I was impressed by the perfect culmination of traditional instrumentation and electronic grooves that jive together to make for one hell of an epic film score! It has enough pep to keep you going but is never runs over the top to become overbearing during a workout.

Needless to say, I now have somewhat of an urge to see the movie. I love anything Jeff Bridges takes part in anyway. The album is available on iTunes and Amazon for $7.99. I'd suggest giving it a whirl. I dig the direction that Daft Punk decided to take in working on a project like this. I think this project will set a precedent for future film collaborations. There's even a mix album derived from the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack that's in the works for an early April release. The album will featuring some exhilarating adaptations of the score by well known paralleling genre artists such Moby, The Crystal Method, and Paul Okenfold.

So, why not spend a few bucks to help get yourself geeked (more ways than one) while waiting for warmer days ramping up to spring. While you're at it, make note of some of the other famous pump up tracks/film scores that have made their way through the box office. I claim no ownership to any of these tracks. Ok, maybe a few: "To each his own"(Cicero):

Lose  Yourself – Eminem (8 Mile Soundtrack)
Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins (Top Gun Soundtrack)
Eye of the Tiger – Survivor (Rocky IV Soundtrack) Equally inspiring vid...MY GOD!
Gonna Fly Now - composed by Bill Conti (Rocky Soundtrack)
Lust For Life – Iggy Pop (Trainspotting Soundtrack) "What up, Shirt-Off?"
You’re the Best Around – Joe ‘Bean’ Esposito (Karate Kid)
Push it to the Limit – Paul Engeman (Scarface)
Requiem for a Dream – Clint Mansell (Requiem for a Dream)
Crimson Tide Main Theme – Hans Zimmer  (Crimson Tide)
The Kiss / Promontory – Randy Edelman / Trevor Jones (Last of the Mohicans)
Aggressive Expansion – Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard (The Dark Knight)

Or check out these other epic scores on Amazon:

Feel free to leave comments adding other film tracks that are workout worthy...

Catch you on the flip!

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  1. I was correct about this starting a trend. Just read that The Chemical Brothers will be doing the score for 'Hannah' slated for 2011 release.